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Students, teachers and lecturers can buy cheap Macs direct from the Right now , shopping in the Education Store is even better thanks to a Back to any purchase of a qualifying Mac or iPad will get you a free pair of Beats.

Make it permanent this time. Tired of seeing kickbots all over the place kicking instant casts and everything else. If this bot problem continues I for one will not buy Legion.

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Aug 9, 4. I cant understand what goes through someones head that makes them want to cheat in a game. Its a game A GAME. MAC addresses can also be spoofed. Hell most routers have it built in, since back in ye olden times of the internet you were only supposed to have 1 computer connected to the modem, and it was a pain in the butt if you wanted to switch.

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So you would have to call tech support to set up a new router or swap computers. Or wait until your ip address expired, then make the switch. Sometimes tech support would just tell you to unplug your modem for 5 days, then swap to the new device since your IP lease would expire.

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Anyway MAC addresses have been spoofed for years. Aug 9, 1. Do you people have any clue how hard it is to police bots?

No you really don't, Blizzard handles bots much better than any other MMO. They have curved botting a ton but it will never truly go away so if you're waiting on that well have fun playing in another MMO. Not that there's any point now, but when they were relevant.

So let me get this straight Think about it like a bacteria in your body. Don't worry, there are other way to make a good bot on mac, without the need to put the user's security at risk. But it's still a lot of work, and that's why i would like to know if there are a lot of people potentially interested by this project.

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If you can share this topic with your friends or contacts that should be interested by a wow bot for mac, I would be grateful. With 1 rep and 3 posts I would love your free virus for my mac please.

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Where is the download link? Hey Winifix, You seem to be suspicious about me and it's clearly normal, because i'm pretty new on this forum. I don't have a virus to offer you, but you can trust me when i say that using over root is dangerous. On macOS, there are 2 root access, the first is the classical root, authorizing the user to make some modification on the os, but rights even as root, are limited to protect the user.

Let's try to delete Safari, You can't. And this is because of the second root, what i call "Over root". The real name is SIP or System Integrity Protection, by default its turning on to prevent the user, to cause irreversible damage to the operating system. SIP link: System Integrity Protection - Wikipedia The reason why on macOS there are no virus Or a little bit it's because the os has a lot of security systems inside. Disabled it, and you become more vulnerable than windows's users.

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Correct me if i'm wrong, but to read ram on macOS, you need to turn off the SIP maybe that's why there are no more bot available on mac since el capitan , and it's inconceivable for me to create a program that forces users to expose themselves to such security vulnerabilities, all of that for a stupid wow bot. Let me know if i'm wrong. Im just still wondering if it was true that Mac users barely ever got banned due to warden not being able to operate the same way on macs?

Hey ownage, If i trust what i saw on other topics, yes it seems But i can't affirm it's because of the warden. And yes, macOS, by default, don't allow easily to make some test to get info about other application without the user authorization.

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But with the user authorization, there are few several way to test if a program is running, what it does etc But for that you need some informations. From my point of view, the bot start to be detectable when it begin to be known, and when blibli start analysing the bot. Maybe i'm wrong, but that would explain the massive waves of ban.