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Before leaving Address Book, explore one other option—Smart Groups. That group will now contain all contacts that have a macworld. Regardless of how you create your group, make sure that you send your messages to the correct email address for each recipient. So, for example, if a couple of co-workers are also members of your softball team, you can use their work email addresses as part of your Co-worker group and their personal email addresses for the Softball Team group.

You do this through Address Book's Distribution List feature. In the window that appears, select your group and check the names that appear to the right. You may find some that have more than one email address. Highlighted addresses are the ones that will be used by that group.

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To switch to another address for an individual, simply click on an alternate address. Note that if you manage your contacts only with iCloud, the Edit Distribution List option may be grayed out. You will not see these options if you don't manage your contacts with iCloud. An On My Mac entry will appear in the Groups page.

You needn't put anything in this group if you don't want to.

The Edit Distribution List option will now be active. When you select it you'll have the option to work with groups on your Mac as well as those stored in iCloud. Once you've done this, you can return to Address Book's preferences and, in the General tab, choose iCloud as the default account, thus ensuring that any new contacts you add will be synced with iCloud and the devices you sync with it. Do some of your contacts have more than one address? You can choose which address to send messages to by using Mail's Distribution List feature.

In the To field, start typing the name of one of your groups. As you do, Mail will present a list of contacts and groups that match your query. Select the group name you want and press the Return key. By default, Mail will add all the recipients that belong to that group. Start typing the group name in Mail's To field to see it as one of the choices.

It will be added to the To field. Suppose you want to send your message to only certain individuals within the group.

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  2. Q: I don't see a groups feature in Mail. Where can I find it??
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For instance, if you're planning a surprise party and don't want the birthday boy or girl to find out. You can easily do this as well.

Create a group

If the group name appears in the To field, hover your cursor over it and click on the downward-pointing triangle that appears. In the resulting menu select Expand Group. Now, all the contacts within that group appear in the To field rather than the group name.

In the To field, click on the arrow next to your group's name. You'll see a number of options, including the choice to expand the group, in other words, show all the email addresses of its members. Another option is to winnow down the group before adding its members to the To field.

Create groups of contacts in Contacts on Mac

To do that, once again expose the Address Panel, select a group, and Command-click on those contacts you want to send the message to. Double-click one of the highlighted entries and any contacts you selected will be added to the To field.

The Quick and Easy Way To Manage Email Distribution Lists On The Mac

Or you could select contacts in Address Book and drag them to the desktop, where those contacts will be encased in a single vCard file, which you can drag into a To field whenever the mood strikes. Another option is to create a text shortcut that contains the email addresses of all the members of your group. Just click on the Plus button at the bottom of the window to create a new shortcut. In the Replace field enter something like sftbll.

In the With field, enter the email addresses for those you want to associate with your sftbll shortcut.

How To Make An Email List In Mac Mail

Start typing the name of the contact group, and it will appear. Out of the box there is no way to easily make contact groups inside of Mail.

Everyone Mailing List

Since Mail. Now that the group is added, you can drag and drop contacts into the group. Just go through your contacts and drop them into this new group. With this complete, you can close Contacts and head over to Mail. It should appear as below:. Please note that if you added contacts to this group that do not have an email address listed, they will automatically be removed from the email. If no members have an email listed, the list will not allow itself to be added to the new message.

The Quick and Easy Way To Manage Email Distribution Lists On The Mac

Distribution lists can be a very useful tool and really save you time by helping to avoid mistakes. People tend to think of these as solely for use in business, but with the number of personal emails sent today, the distribution list can be a real help in not only protecting privacy but making your emails easier to send. Scrubly Features Blog About.

Bob Thordarson. Outlook Distribution Lists The first step is to open up Outlook and head over to the Contacts section by clicking in the Navigation pane in the bottom left corner. Apple Mail. Enter a descriptive name for the group so you remember it later.