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The Commons. The Weekly Flickr. Flickr Blog. Get Pro. Save Cancel Drag to set position! Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Hiya , How do I check the camera again , on how many times the shutter has fired since I started taking the first picture? My IMG image count has reached , but I can't imagine having taken that many photo's already. It's been 2 months since I got it. Is there a way to check the shutter count on the camera , Thank you.

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Publish Preview. A diagnostic mode with that information most likely exists somewhere.

Shutter count | Canon EOS 40D Users | Flickr

But finding it or the software needed to trigger it is probably impossible. P Speaking of image counts, when I took my 40D into service it was at the ish mark and when I got it back it was in the s. Post Reply Preview. Forced Perfect wrote Speaking of image counts, when I took my 40D into service it was at the ish mark and when I got it back it was in the s. It'll be the card they put in to fire the test shots, not that they took 6K shots with it: Patrick Mayon 11 years ago.

I think i read that this information is not available for the user. However if you bring it to Canon for service, they can tell you how many photos your camera has taken. Mjuboy 11 years ago. A simple and not very accurate way is to just select the folder you have stored all the photos on, and see how many files it has. Just found this software that checks your 40D for shutter actuations.

Canon shutter count

I have no affiliation with this program My count was , since early June I have tried it and it works JUst download the sdk from canon. That is all we use to check the shutter count, You can also tweak some features of the camera with the sdk. Plus, there is a lot more you can do with the SDK. Soul Focus Rebecca 10 years ago. I sent in a request for the SDK from Canon, but there is a day turnaround on them reviewing the request and providing the software Got access to the Canon SDK.

What if My Camera Isn’t Supported?

Here is the installation instructions: Be sure to copy the three header files listed above into the header access folder of the development environment. Be sure to add them to the application project workspace. Be sure to include the three header files listed above. Do you actually think that most people have developer level knowledge as well as a development environment?!? I think I'll be using the nice, simple and effective astrojargon download.

The 40dshuttercount. However, it doesn't count Live View shutter actuations and perhaps not from camera cleaning either. Dornveek - useless is a bit strong. It gives a good indication. Luxowell 10 years ago. Time to start using this thing more!

Mred32 10 years ago. Having only ever used the one card, or a freshly formatted card in the camera, mine showed the count to be 7 frames less than the file numbering showed. This would be pretty close to the number of times I've used live view and cleaned the sensor. Seems pretty accurate to me.

StickWare Posted 10 years ago. Edited by StickWare member 10 years ago. I just ran this utility and it says I have shots in the 38 days since I bought the camera new. That works out to shots a day.

Checking Shutter Actuations On Your Canon DSLR Camera

Now I know I have taken a lot of pics because I shoot sports for the school I teach at, but I didn't think it would be that high. I would have guessed at 4K clicks. I know I shoot a series a lot, then delete shots so a count of files will not be accurate. I wonder if I should change my habits or not. I'd like my camera to last more than a year,. Those machine-gun shots chew up the memory fast, but wow, shots in 38 days! I would be worried about wearing out the camera Any alternate for Mac users?

Robertson 10 years ago. Doubter toad 10 years ago. To markforsythe: I downloaded the sdk too. I looked around the various API, but I didn't find no one wich returns the property of shuts done Many thanks in advance. I would like to develop a simple software for personal use wich could be useful for hidden data. Edited by tidy effect member 10 years ago.

On camera, put the file numbering on auto reset and turn off the camera. BoldPuppy 10 years ago. I just tried this software astrojargon. I've never had to rename anything. I just tried this software http: BoldPuppy Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BoldPuppy member 10 years ago. Interesting - that program no longer works with firmware version 1. It works fine with 1. I got my mirror box and shutter blind replaced on a canon repair center. Now after they replaced it will the shutter actuation will reset? Because when I tried to use the one given by Caffrey's it says Should it reset itself also since I replaced the shutter and even the mirror box.

Nghia Any alternate for Mac users? Mac version released 11 December Let me google that for you: I've barely got this thing warmed up!! C'mon, man!! I do that on a single weekend! We've been through this before Bold. I just couldn't resist At the rate I'm going, I'll be 65 years old when I hit k I'm 40 now. EyeCandy Photo 10 years ago. I am trying to milk this camera as much as I can by shooting film too I have my camera now for exactly 4 Months and thought I'm crazy with my shoots. But if I look at the people here, I'm relieved: This utility is no longer working for me Can someone verify this?

TimerTom 10 years ago. Time to get him to update the utility! I Swampy Allan Marsh Photography 10 years ago. It depends. Spray and pray usually produces disappointing results If I'm shooting an event for pay, I'll tend to err on the too many side. Turning on Live View increases the shutter count by one, as do videos of any length. The camera I bought online has a high shutter count. Should I return it? In these situations, always purchase from a merchant with a no-hassle return policy and check pictures of the item for wear. Shooting weddings every weekend for the next three years?

Always factor the cost of shutter replacement into a heavily used camera. This should also be reflected in the price to an extent. If peace of mind is your thing, consider a third-party warranty. As the entrepreneur and professional photographer who founded Pixsy in Daniel is an expert on topics relating to intellectual property and copyright law.

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