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X Window System

For administration of systems on your local network at home, the server should be configured to allow other users to control the desktop. Under Security, the only option required for home use is specifying a password. This password is not encrypted for Vino or TigerVNC, so this protection is not very helpful outside of a local network protected by a firewall. If the option to confirm each connection is set, every time you use a VNC client viewer to connect to that machine, you also must walk over to that machine to allow the connection.

For home use, this option should not be set. Notifications are a personal preference. Because the idea of VNC, at least for our purposes here, is that the server is on a machine you don't want to be in front of, the notifications are of little use. However, it is helpful to have an icon displayed when a connection is active, in case you forget when one machine is controlling the one you're trying to use.

This is in contrast to, for example, Xephyr for displaying a remote desktop. Vinagre also allows opening connections to multiple remote servers with each remote desktop connection accessed by a tabbed folder Figure 5.

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This makes using VNC very convenient and easy to understand, as it uses the usual desktop application widget paradigms. One of the clever ways to use VNC is to connect the local keyboard and mouse to the remote desktop. This simulates a multihead configuration where two monitors act as a single screen. Using x2vnc, the local computer acts like the first monitor, and the remote desktop acts like the second monitor. Moving the mouse off the right edge of the local monitor moves it into the left edge of the remote desktop.

For example:. Above, the -east option configures the remote desktop to act as if were to the right of the local desktop, and -west reverses this setup. Various other options are available to refine the use of this configuration.

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VNC extensions provide various forms of compression and security. These extensions must be supported on both ends of the communication. If the server supports these but the client does not, VNC still will function between the two but without those extensions.

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From a bandwidth perspective, the use of SSH is likely to provide the best performance of these three options, as long as only a single remote application is displayed locally. GDM-based connections are likely to be roughly similar in performance, depending on the compression available in the SSH connection and what, if any, compression may be configured in GDM. VNC has the potential to be the fastest of all three if extensions are introduced that compress the frame buffer data sufficiently.

Because VNC is based on a tile architecture, where rectangles of frame buffer memory are resent if they have been updated, any compression that improves the transfer of tiles will have serious performance implications. However, at the time of this writing, there were no such extensions currently in use. SSH connections are, by design, secure if properly used. Note that the use of X11 protocols over SSH can be bandwidth-intensive, and therefore, only a small number of applications from the remote system should be displayed locally using SSH.

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VNC can be used across the Internet as long as the remote server's firewall forwards port to that server. VNC does not include security extensions by default and, therefore, is insecure in nature. Various server implementations provide security extensions, but Vino does not. None of these options support playing media files, such as movies or music. I mentioned that media servers could be managed remotely, and I stand by that.

The management of those systems—starting and stopping servers, configuring them and so forth—is easily done using any of these methods. But, making use of those media provided by those servers is best left to streaming media players that connect from the local system to the remote servers. For home users who need to manage remote systems on their local network that sit behind a well configured firewall, VNC offers the most complete and easy-to-use option.

Home office users who need to connect to remote systems may find SSH a better option as this author does. Vino: www.

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Michael J. CEI , in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with more than 20 years of software development and management experience. He has written more than articles for numerous on-line and print magazines and is the author of three books on The GIMP, the premier open-source graphics editing package. Running Remote Applications Desktop. Figure 1. The Linux Display System Stack. Figure 2. Easy to configure via GDM. Convenient for use behind a firewall. Separate X server session. Does not support video or audio.

Native protocol means it's not compatible with non-Linux native desktops. Simple to configure. Simple to use.

Re: Get decent XFCE desktop on a remote ssh session on a Mac workstation?

Works with port forwarding. Does not require remote GDM or X server to be running. Org server is being considered as part of X11R7. Unlike the similar Xnest , Xephyr supports modern X extensions even if host server doesn't such as composite, damage, randr, etc. It uses SHM images and shadow framebuffer updates to provide good performance.

It also has a visual debugging mode for observing screen updates. Xorg 's version of Xephyr uses only software rendering for OpenGL , but Feng Haitao has developed a forked version of Xephyr which can do hardware-accelerated rendering if the underlying X server has the capability.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Xephyr Three recursive levels of nested Xephyr sessions, running on Linux Mint. The Cygwin environment provides fully featured open-source XWin X server.

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For simplicity, we recommend open-source X server by the Xming project. For stability and full features we recommend the XWin X server by Cygwin.

Get decent XFCE desktop on a remote ssh session on a Mac workstation?

In this example, we activate the intel programing environment tools, then start the graphical gvim editor. In this example, we allocate 2 nodes via qexp queue, interactively. We request X11 forwarding with the -X option. It will be possible to run the GUI enabled applications directly on the first compute node. Better performance is obtained by logging on the allocated compute node via ssh, using the -X option. The Gnome 2.