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Whether that translates to a letter on his jersey, it's hard to say for sure. What we do know for certain is he'll be one of the team's leaders whether it's figuratively or literally and that's not new for him. He was captain of the Ottawa 67s and you can bet that one day he will also wear a letter for the Flames.

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What a great opportunity for him to take a break from being a year-old passenger on a Flames roster with a bunch of somethings, to being one of the guys driving the bus. Being a captain or being a leader is the type of experience that cannot be taught in a practice and you can't learn it from watching video.

You can only get good at it and better at it by being in these types of situations and accumulating experience. What a chance to start preparing Monahan for his future role as a leader and potential captain of the Flames. I know, I know, it's not Calgary's fault, blame the difficulty of the Western Conference. Now, Monahan will never admit this, but winning so infrequently has got to wear on a guy eventually.

Heck, I go a few weeks without winning my Friday morning hockey game and I get down in the dumps.

What a refreshing and pleasant change it would surely be for Monahan to be part of a great team for a few weeks, one that is expected to win and will win a bunch of games from the pre-tournament exhibitions right through the round-robin and medal round games. Experiencing that winning feeling again and on a regular basis could really energize the kid for his return to the Flames in January.

Calgary will be at the halfway point in the NHL season by then and might be in desperate need of an adrenaline boost.

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In a year where developing players across the organization should be of paramount importance, this is the equivalent of found money. You could also look at it as an opportunity for a guy already on the Flames roster to elevate his role and try and get his career back on track -- and I'm talking about Mikael Backlund.

I'd sublet Monahan's spot in the top nine to Backlund and tell him, "OK kid, here you go. You've got a dozen games to show us that you're still a key part of our future. Why not. That will benefit another Flames prospect or prospects, who will get increased minutes, power play time and responsibility. Of course, Monahan will be getting his own unique development experience. No Regrets It's happened to all of us.


You have an opportunity to do something or go some place that we turn down because we weren't old enough to fully appreciate or 'get' the significance of it at the time. For me, it was a trip to Europe that a couple buddies went on after we finished high school. I declined for a few reasons, none of them very good as I look back on it now. Sure enough, 25 years later, I still have never been to Europe.

Twenty years from now when Monahan is looking back on his pro hockey career, I guarantee he'll be glad he had the chance to travel to Sweden with the best players his age in this country and go head-to-head with the best from around the world.

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He might downplay it right now -- caught up in the excitement of being in the NHL and all, but that would be short-sighted. This is the first of many, many years for Monahan of five-star hotels, charter flights, full NHL buildings and adoring fans. Seize this Team Canada opportunity while you can.

But if they do, Monahan has the potential to be a guy that will certainly be in the conversation come roster selection time. It may just give him that little extra boost for when another opportunity to play for Canada may come up in four or eight years. Because He Can Sometimes the opportunity just isn't there. You're not age-eligible, you're injured, you're playing on an NHL team that is in playoff contention and can't afford to lose you, or whatever.

But the chance to play for Team Canada is right there in front of Monahan, so close he could reach out and grab it. The circumstances if you look at his age, having not played in the World Juniors before, being with a non-playoff NHL team, it is the perfect storm of factors for when it makes total sense for a player to be loaned from his NHL club to Team Canada.

As you'll remember, Monahan was not a part of last year's Canadian squad.

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Instead, he was one of the early cuts by coach Steve Spott. You know Monahan would like an opportunity to step on that international stage and say 'hey, I could have been the difference last year' by making a difference this year under coach Brent Sutter. What a great way to begin New Year's Eve for Flames fans. Sleep-in, eat breakfast, then at 9: It would be spectacular. Who knows, maybe this high stakes meeting -- or an even more important clash in the gold medal game, could turn out to be the first of many international clashes between the two potentially significant pieces of the Flames future.

Admittedly, this next statement is a 'Hail Mary' on my behalf and my intention is not to burden either player with unfair expectations but you have to wonder, could Monahan and Gillies one day evolve into the two anchors of the Flames franchise and the next generation of Jarome Iginla and Miikka Kiprusoff?

With a bit more post-season success, of course. Canada's chances of winning gold will be a lot better with Monahan in the line-up than without him. Canada was shut out of the medals last year and only won bronze in when the tournament was held in Alberta. With back-to-back silvers before that, Canada hasn't won gold since , which capped off a stretch of five straight years winning gold. It's time to start a new streak and having the services of a guy with over 30 NHL games on his resume by then and at least eight NHL goals, would be a huge advantage.

Here are some I've heard and why I'd dismiss them. From a raw skill development perspective, you're probably right. Sixty-five money a action headline, just to execute online!

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However, the current state of games is somewhat lacking on the Windows 8 end. As of now, I have not seen this happen. An upside is that some popular games on the Windows Phone side of Xbox were ported to Windows 8. One aspect of having these 3 platforms available for us for gaming is that has been overlooked in many instances is the aspect of integration between systems. One game that does do this is Kinectimals on Windows Phone.

Another idea for integration is to use one system to control another. An example here is using something on windows phone to control the game in some way on an Xbox The last aspect I will add for now is the aspect of multiplayer cross-platform gaming. Basically a person on one platform's port of a game can play someone else at the exact same game on a different platform.

Finally, for a while now, I have felt that the Xbox is slowly dying.

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This will only work for a short time. Offering the Kinect as a way to enhance games was a step in the right direction, but I feel like more can be done. Independent and small company games are the only thing that can save the Xbox platform for the future. So what do you think of this?

Do you agree that Microsoft can do more with Xbox Live?