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For this issue, you need to check what is indexed by Spotlight and if the process keep stuck continuously on that folder, try to delete that folder or the file inside to another folder. Make sure the problematic folder is not related to OS X system.

If the folder related to certain application, you can re-install that application. Spotlight will keep stuck in that folder even though that folder is included to the folder which will not be indexed by Spotlight. Another how to: How to Create Firmware Password for Mac.

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Nintendo Switch brings Nintendo back in the Spotlight. How to Fix Launchpad Issue on Mac.

Spotlight keeps its index files and database in the root of each drive in an invisible directory named: Spotlight-V If you delete the contents of the directory and reboot, Spotlight re-indexes after the restart but now seems to be a bit more processor efficient, after a heavy initial index — just leave it for a few hours, the linked processes mds calm down and it starts to works normally. Some type of random event must occur in the upgrade process to trigger this behaviour.

Couple of good drives to add in here would be Bootcamp and DropBox drives if you have them! Share this:

Stopping Spotlight from Indexing Backups & External Drives from the Command Line