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Gold Dust Woman - Fleetwood Mac (Lyrics and Chords)

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Happy people are happy in the mornings. Well did she make you cry Make you break down Shatter your illusions of love?

"Gold Dust Woman" lyrics

Is it over now? Do you know how To pick up the pieces and go home? This is very likely an acrimonious part towards Lindsey. She is saying did the woman make him cry and make him feel remorse for what he did?

Gold Dust Woman Lyrics

Does he know how? So rock on- ancient queen Follow those who pale In your shadow These words are so powerful, yet vague. Rock on - Rock star.

Same thing? Or maybe the queen is cocaine, following those damaged, hooked and weakened by its effects.


They say rulers, they make bad lovers You'd better put your kingdom up for sale Well, you better sell it, sell it What does the "kingdom" refer to? Others think this is aimed at Lindsey. He has been characterized rightly or wrongly as rather controlling, especially in the studio. Lastly, in the Spin Magazine interview , Stevie called herself the ruler, due to her sudden fame with Fleetwood Mac. Oooh, pale shadow of a woman Oooh, black widow, oh yeah Oooh, pale shadow, she's a dragon Gold dust woman Running in the shadows